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All About ash_rock!

Postby ash_rock » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:07 pm

Hey all! I'm ash_rock, your favorite guide (of course). Since I'm the first (or one of the first) to do the staff bios, here's a bunch of random things that I think I'm supposed to put in here!

I'm seventeen and in high school, but I'm about to go off to college to study video game design and animation (much sooner than I'd wish though). I'm obsessed with Minecraft, if that even has to be said, but I also love art, music (the band type, not listening to it), and writing. I would say I'm very smart, though I'm sure Star or BTS would love to disagree, and I love math and science. Je parle français (I speak French), which I have been learning the last four years and hope to find some time to study in college despite my double major. I have two golden retrievers that are basically siblings to me, but I pretty much fall in love with any animal I meet.

In game, I am a member of New Aquaticus. Despite being a guide/resident and technically being supposed to give tours, don't ask me for one unless you want a glare and a groan. -.- Make Mouse do it instead. Along with artsy2, I work on/manage the amusement park MASH, which I hope to eventually open up for the community. I'm also the staff member who most recently joined the server, at least at the point of me writing this, though I wouldn't say I'm new by this point.

Other Minecraft things to know: I'm a pro at 1.5 elytra jumps and elytra running, I've never fought the ender dragon and wither boss legitimately (I've technically never beaten the game Dx), and I used to play a lot more in creative mode than survival, but I've definitely changed over.

While I'm sure I could continue to talk about myself, I'm not as vain as one of the people below me (*cough cough* BTS *cough cough*) so I will stop here. If you have any other questions, just ask me in game ^-^
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