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Hello I'm Nodens, a Mod here on Minedlands and the Superhard Expert of the Server.

I'm in my twenties and married (6 Years) and I work at a Greenhouse/Florist/Nursery, and Garden Center in Chicagoland (but I'm originally from Upstate New York) as the Yard Manager, and my hobbies are Gardening, Cooking, Hiking, Writing, Collecting Books (IRL), and studying a variety of topics from History to Science to Religion and Philosphy to Linguistics and Anthropology and to Magic (not Hokus Pokus magic, but using Ones Intent to shape reality). I don't have a favorite color or animal, and I listen to any music that's good. Fun fact, growing up I spoke Quebecois (the French spoken in the province of Quebec in Canada, where my family is from), but because I went to school in the U.S. I wasn't allowed to speak my Language and eventually I forgot most of it as English was forced upon me, however, when I go back to visit family it will take me a few days, but ultimately my French comes back.

Long ago I used to be a hardcore Raider on World of Warcraft but then I developed Epilepsy and it made it impossible to play most video games, or even watch many television shows or movies, but thankfully I am still able to play Minecraft. For the Last 4-5 Years I have been working on the Illustrious Principality of Crowhaven, an enormous City-State located in a Pocket World (soon there will be a portal from New Aquaticus to Crowhaven) set to Superhard Difficulty. Crowhaven is my child and because of this I have created a multitude of Lore and Stories that connect Crowhaven, the Server, Zhro, and all the Other Players together. I am a notorious AFKer and many times will not even be near my computer (Life tends to pull me away), but I always try to help when I can.

If you have any questions just ask me in game, if I'm not AFK.
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